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Project Description

Project Details

These spacious decks were meticulously positioned to allow for ease of access from the house down to the lawn and bluestone paving.

The main feature of this garden is the spacious hardwood decks. The deck was designed with several tiers. A covered deck shades dining furniture and an outdoor alfresco lounge setting is located on the bottom tiered section of the deck with a large shade umbrella creating an entertaining area for all year round entertainment. Another part of the deck consisted of 5 large rectangle garden beds which sit flush with the deck and 1 Pyrus calleryana Ornamental Pear featured in each garden bed. The deck areas are surrounded by a large paved area of sawn Bluestone.

The design of the garden needed to be child friendly and therefore a sufficient lawn area was included in the design. The planting scheme concentrates on a lush but hardy/drought tolerant theme. Deep garden beds covered with large river pebbles consist of boundary screening planting of Syzygium australe Lily Pilly which provides privacy from adjoining neighbours. Elsewhere, the Yucca elephantipes (head and canes) Spinless Yucca, Cycas revoluta Sago Cycad and Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise form core components to the overall planting scheme. Throughout the garden, lighting highlights key features of the design.