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Project Description

Project Details

The topography of the site meant an extensive amount of site preparation work was conducted prior to designing an elegant but simple garden.

A big challenge for Landscape Gardeners Melbourne presently is site drainage, particularly with all the winter rains Melbourne has been experiencing, this site was no exception. The topography and heavy clay soil was causing the site to become heavily waterlogged and water pooling around the footings of the house. A major consideration when preparing a garden design for this property was to improve soil conditions, site drainage and reduce the slope of the land. Site drainage was improved via a range of techniques including the installation of sub surface drainage. Approximately 40m3 of organic soil was transported onto the site and applied primarily towards one end of the site to reduce the slope of the area. The garden beds were meticulously placed in the design to create a sense of space and openness but also providing a level of privacy through the planting of hedges.

A very elegant but simple planting scheme was designed for this property comprising of mass planting of Gardenia augusta ‘Radican’ Gardenia, Rosa spp., Standard Iceberg Roses and hedge plantings of Waterhousia floribunda Weeping Lilly Pilly. A fully automated drip irrigation system was installed for the garden areas. A large sprawling lawn area consisting of Stenotaphrum spp., Sir Walter Buffalo breathes life into the space and enhances the entire garden design.