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The flow from the indoor to the outdoor space was critical with this project. The paved and decked areas connect the indoor to the outdoor space.   Please read more

This project entailed the landscape design and construction of two town houses on the same site. A Landscape Gardener Melbourne is constantly confronted with many challenges particularly when trying to implement a design that complies with all the requirement of the developer/owners of each of the apartments as well as the council. This was the situation throughout this project. The brief from the owners/developer was to design a garden that was low maintenance, aesthetically pleasant and child friendly.

A key objective of this design was to use the outdoor space in a manner that allowed for easy flow from each of the indoor areas to outdoor areas. This was particularly important with both the living/kitchen areas to flow out onto a large gravel (which would eventually be transformed into a deck area) and paved entertaining area. The landscape included a mixture of surface materials ranging from gravel, paving and lawn areas. The paving consisted of 400mm x 400mm concrete pavers on a 75mm compacted crushed rock base and 30mm mortar bed. The earthy colouration of the pavers kept the space feeling light as well as complementing the stack stone finishing used on the apartments as well as the Merbau fence. A large section of the landscape was allocated to lawn. The large sprawling lawn area consisted of Stenotaphrum spp., Sir Walter Buffalo. A fully automated drip irrigation system was installed for both the garden and lawn areas. The irrigation system was connected to both the rainwater storage system as well as to mains water.

The planting scheme was kept simple. The Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem were used along the main garden bed which could be seen from every room of the house allowing for the exquisite large flower to be enjoyed. The underside of the foliage which is brownish to rustic in colour helps compliment the colours/textures of brick used on the house and well as enrich the paving. Other planting included into the landscape were the Liriope muscari Evergreen Giant as a garden border plant to separate the lawn to garden bed areas. A range of different shade of the strap leaved plant of Phormium spp., were meticulously positioned in all the garden beds to provide all year round colour and interest. A mixture of mulch and honey comb coloured river pebbles were used to cover the garden beds.

“We found Steve’s services in tendering for jobs, suggestion of planting & design, conscious of client’s budgets and extremely professional. Performance on site for construction of landscaping was extremely methodical, on time, clean workmanship and extremely satisfying to clients.”

David Blutman

DB Blutman & Associates

Caulfield North