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Project Description

Project Details

The paving on this project was the standout feature which involved blending two different coloured pavers together.

The brief from the client was that they wanted a large paved area for entertaining and a very low maintenance garden incorporating as many of the existing plants on site into the new design. The challenging aspect of this project was the site topography. There was a significant slope from the back of the house down to the fence. This meant that the owner, who had two young children, could never use their backyard properly. To minimise the severity of the slope, a treated pine retaining wall that was 700mm in height was constructed. The key feature of this project was the paved entertaining area.

The paving, interestingly, involved using two different blends of pavers. The header was a dark charcoal concrete paver (230mm x 115mm) and a 400mm x 400mm beige coloured concrete paver (Style Stone Quarry) formed the body of the paving. To complement the pavement as well as to provide a sense of openness, a large lawn area using Stenotaphrum spp., Sir Walter Buffalo was chosen. A simple planting palette was implemented. Established planting stock of Pittospurum tenuifolium Silver Sheen which were used a screening hedge along the front of the property to provide privacy and to screen out a neighbouring school. To complement the external colour of the house Hydrangea spp. (White and Purple flowering varieties), Camellia spp., (shades of Pink and White flowering varieties) and Hebe buxifolia White Veronica and Rosa spp., Standard Iceberg Roses were used.

A fully automated drip irrigation system was installed for both the garden and lawn areas. The addition of compost and mulch were added to the garden beds to prevent water evaporation, suppress weed germination as well as provide critical soil nutrition.