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Project Description

Project Details

The main entertaining area inside the house opened out to this tired and neglected patio area. The use of high quality natural sand stone paver enhanced this outdoor patio area.

Forever Green Horticultural Consulting and Services Pty Ltd had been providing a professional garden maintenance service to this property for the past 10 years when the client offered us the opportunity to revamp the outdoor entertaining through repaving it. A key feature to this outdoor area was that fact that all the indoor entertaining areas opened out onto it. Consequently, the flow from inside to the outside area was important. The use of a superior outdoor stone product was high on the list of request from the client. A high quality 300mm x 300mm Sandstone stone paver was used which boasted a range of natural beautiful blends. A 100mm reinforced slab was poured and pavers laid on 30mm of mortar. Small course gaps between pavers meant that no grout was required. The paving was sealed using a high quality natural stone sealer.