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Project Description

Project Details

This retaining wall/raised garden was constructed so the owners could grow a range of vegetables and herbs.

Landscape Gardening Melbourne may not always necessarily involve entire garden make overs and this was particularly the case with this project. The brief from the client was that they wanted to build a large raised vegetable/herb garden planter that stepped down to represent the change in the level of site. Hot dipped galvanised steel uprights were secured in concrete and the garden itself was constructed using 75mm x 200mm arsenic free treated pine (ACQ) sleepers. The height of each planter section or bay varied from 800mm – 1000mm in height.

The process of backfilling the garden beds was difficult with approximately 14m3 of rich organic soil and compost being manually transported from the front to the back of the property. Large 75mm x 75mm Cypress posts were secured against back wall and trellis and stainless steel cabling were used to provide privacy and screening from neighbouring properties as well as support planting. A fully automatic drip/sprinkler irrigation system was installed. A range of vegetables/herbs were planted and a thick layer of pea straw mulch applied to promote water retention and suppress weed growth. Citrus trees such as Lime, Lemon, Orange and Mandarin were espaliered along the timber trellis/cable support structure.