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Project Description

Project Details

The existing retaining wall was beyond repair and required removing. A new Red Gum timber wall was built. Site topography and soil conditions were extremely challenging.

The old railway timber retaining wall had deteriorated to the extent that the entire wall for both levels required replacing. A new Red Gum timber (75mm x 200mm sleepers) wall was built. A large amount of site excavation and clean-up was required before we could commence constructing the bottom wall. Due to the height of the wall ranging from 800 – 900mm all footing for the upright timber post were a minimum of 900mm deep.

Landscape gardening Melbourne can always be challenging, but no more so than what we were confronted with on this site. The site topography was the most challenging aspect of this project, with the property being on side of hill. The access onto the site was limited, with both options for entering the site being a maximum of 1.1m in width between the house and side boundary fence. The retaining walls were at the rear of the property meaning that all materials such as timbers and concrete were manually transported a minimum distance of approximately 30m. The site soil was heavily compacted dry clay, meaning every hole for the footings required to be dug using a Jack hammer, this adding exceptional amount of time to project schedule.

Forever Green Horticultural Consulting and Services Pty Ltd successfully obtained the contracts for building a proposed deck around the pool on this property. This project will commence in early September 2013.