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Project Description

Project Details

Our company became involved in this project upon completion of the alfresco / pool area. The design of the garden needed to be suitable for a young family, while emphasis on boundary planting to screen neighbouring properties was critical.

The owners of this property were seeking a garden space for their children that would be serene, green and private, hence the strong emphasis on boundary screening and boundary plantings with rich green foliage. The success of the design is due in part to the use of formal hedging in a semicircular pattern using Buxus sempervirens English Box. Garden beds were meticulously placed to create individual zones and structure to the design. The structure is provided by hedges of Trachelospermum jasminoides Chinese Star Jasmine and Trachelospermum asiaticum Japanese Star Jasmine. A row a Ficus microphylla “Hillii” Hills Weeping Fig were used along the side boundary. To add colour to what is a largely classified as a green coloured garden, an understorey of Gardenia augusta ‘Radicans’ Gardenia and a splash of purple via the Bougenvillea spp., trained on stainless steel cabling beside the outdoor alfresco area. At night garden lighting is used to highlight the various features throughout the property including deck, paving, alfresco and pool areas. Underneath the lawn area is a 30,000lt underground rainwater tank. The lawn sprinkler and garden dripper system was designed to be watered via the rainwater tanks.

Since completing the initial soft landscaping works at this property, our company has provided a professional garden maintenance service over the past five years for approximately 2 full days per month. In this time we have improved certain aspect of the design including the installation of wire trellising behind the pool area which now supports Trachelospermum jasminoides Chinese Star Jasmine as well as upgrading the irrigation system. All the garden beds constantly receive compost to improve soil conditions which were originally very poor. Site drainage has been a major problem in the past and a range of techniques have been implemented to improve drainage. All garden beds receive mulch every six months and the irrigation system is regularly serviced. Forever Green Horticultural Consulting and Services is now in preliminary discussions with the client to design and construct the front garden. We are also in the process of preparing the area along right hand side boundary in the backyard for the installation of established Ficus microphylla “Hillii” Hills Weeping Fig to screen new double storey development next door. Trees in the vicinity of 4m in height will be installed.

Steven has assisted us in a range of landscaping works including plant selection, and installation of our watering reticulation system. Since our initial introduction almost 5 years ago, Steven has continued to provide a garden maintenance service on a regular basis. Steven is always very punctual, meticulous in his eye for detail and proactive in suggesting new plants and features. We are now working with him to design and create our new front garden.

Ben and Melanie Larkey

Kew, Victoria