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Project Description

Project Details

The objective of this project was to implement a design incorporating existing mature established plants with a new planting scheme.

The primary objectives of this project was to implement a garden design that would complement the style of the house as well as incorporating some of the existing plants on site into the new design. Due to the site being neglected for many years, site preparation particularly through soil improvement was crucial. The entire site had approximately 100mm of topsoil removed and a range of organic soil mix blends were applied to both garden and lawn areas. A fully automated drip irrigation and lawn sprinkler system was designed so it could be operated via the rainwater tank as well as from mains water.

The planting scheme was mixture of themes including a tropical rain forest for a small section of the garden that receives a small proportion of sunlight throughout the day. A line of small to medium Dicksonia antartica Soft Tree Ferns formed the dominant planting for this area which was complimented with an under planting of established stock of Buxus sempervirens English Box. The planting of Buxus sempervirens English Box, Rosa spp., Standard and Bush Roses, Prunus spp., Weeping Cherry – White Flowering and Agapanthus orientalis alba Dwarf White and Dwarf Blue Agapanthus form the dominant planting scheme for the main garden area. Brick edging was installed in a pattern that compliments the shape of the existing front entrance path. Instant turf was installed and all the garden beds were mulched using Mulch Master.

This project was completed approximately 6 years ago, and in this time Forever Green Horticultural Consulting and Services Pty Ltd has conducted a regular garden maintenance service for this property.