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The processes involved to construct your garden space will vary according to the client’s requirements and scope of works. However, the typical process is as followed:


The primary objective of the consultation is to view the space and discuss your design ideas. Information will be gathered during our inspection including photographs, site measurement and conditions. Once we discussed and agreed on a design, you then have two options; 1. Receive a Construction Documentation/Quotation, or 2. Arrange to have Landscape Plans drawn up.

Landscape Plans

Following our consultation, drawings of your proposed garden space will be prepared. These fully scaled plans will include all the hard landscaping features such as decks and paving. The soft landscaping such plant positioning/layout as well as the plant schedule and materials list is also included on the plan. A meeting will be organised with the client to review the plans and make any modification prior to preparing final set of working plans. Following approval of the landscape plan all Constructions Documentation/Quotation will be organised.


“We will manage your project from concept through to construction”

Constructions Documentation/Quotation

The type of documentation required varies for each garden project, however, some of the most common documents include: – Preparation of council permits to conduct works, – Site reports including location underground services and soil test report, – Engineer plans/reports, – Construction contract (construction works over $5,000.00), and – Build over approvals, Once all the documentation has been prepared, a construction quotation along with the contract will be presented to the client for their approval. If the client approves the proposed works, a proposed schedule date for construction will organised.


The construction involves the actual building of your garden. At Forever Green, the director of the company is onsite for every project overseeing and conducting the works. Where additional services are required that are beyond or speciality, we engage qualified and experienced contractors. Throughout the project regular progress meetings with the client will be conducted. These meeting assist in confirming that everything is being performed to the client’s expectations. During construction, we will comply with all OH & S requirements and we pride ourselves on producing high quality workmanship with all our projects.

A final assessment of the completed project will be conducted with the client. Once the client is satisfied with the result, site handover occurs. Now it’s time for you to; sit back, relax, and enjoy your new outdoor space.